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If a website reflects your virtual face to the online world, then the content on it reflects your intellect and style of speech. It is the content that rules the show of online platforms. While many people think that content generation is easy, in reality, professionalinvolves a lot of research, analysis, and structuring.

at IndianVA begin by understanding your business, requirements and target audience before they go on to analyze the right kind-of-speech, technicality and the presentation required. From providing content that informs and educates to content that thrills and entertains, our writers improve your online appearance with their play with words.

IndianVA has on its team some of the best writers for global audiences. They write crisp, quality content which is absolutely free of plagiarism. Starting right from the stage of planning, our writers work well individually and in teams to provide content that helps you succeed. The writers are capable of including new styles of writing as per clients requirement.

Today with the changing face of the online media and the evolution of mobile mediums, the roles of these writers are changing too. Our experts are experienced in producing a varied range of content projects which includes:-

1. Content for online and print mediums

Online content is the window through which visitors/customers on any website learn about the product and service offering. With the acceleration in technology, content marketing is the new communication channel in most of the B2B and B2C companies. In order to leverage on this offering, marketers must have in place relevant and engaging content that attracts the potential customer. Online business is driven by content. It means acquisition and engagement of target customers through inexpensive marketing based on the creation of content across various platforms and devices.

2. Blog writing

Blogs are casual, conversational and engaging writing, which are meant to hold readers attention. They are interactive writing offering valuable information. They have become an important marketing and PR tool. Blogging is a potent platform for marketers to connect with their prospective customers and vice versa. Blogs need to be posted regularly and consistently to ensure its visibility over the internet. Bloggers at IndianVA offer the following services under this section:-

  • Coming up with a catchy topic or blog theme
  • Make the blog appealing by adding relevant images
  • Engaging style of blog writing
  • Creating SEO blogs by adding primary and secondary keywords, anchor text and alt tag
  • Follow posting schedule and sticking to agreed deadlines
  • Personal blog – useful in connecting emotionally with prospective customers
  • Business blog – Disseminate useful information by apprising products and services

3. Article writing

Article writing is an effective off-page activity that helps in attracting more traffic and thereby enhancing website’s ranking. SEO articles are informative write-ups related to the particular domain. The articles are meant for disseminating useful information about a topic thus establishing the client as an expert. A quality article demands a certain degree of experience that only seasoned writers possess.

4. Tradebriefs and press releases

A trade briefs is similar to a newsletter. It highlights important happenings of any industry. It is usually meant for a predetermined audience. Tradebriefs establish marketers as an opinion maker. It helps in getting connected with the target audience. It also helps in building trust with customers. A press release is a form of written communication meant for information sharing about a particular event with the media. It is a tool of brand promotion which is targeted towards positive publicity.

5. SEO rich content for on-page optimization

SEO (search engine optimization) in simple terms is about making your website friendlier to search engines by making your site easy to navigate. SEO content is written for the purpose of increasing website traffic, thereby increasing search engine rankings. Dedicated efforts from an SEO analyst are needed to direct the website towards the best optimization state. Our team of writers at IndianVA has specialist SEO writers who write high-quality SEO content.

6. Content for training and development

Designing an effective training package for any training program is a very critical task. It requires a meticulous research to ensure building a holistic package according to client’s requirement. After research and gathering the resources, to present the content in an engaging and interesting manner is the next crucial job. Training content designers at IndianVA understands the requirement for a holistically designed training package. They also understand the need to share knowledge through training for businesses.

7. Social media support services

Social media is a great way to interact with and engage customers and prospects. It helps in building a relationship by sharing expertise and information. We are dedicated towards people who are serious about communicating and networking in real ways. We assist you with managing your social media accounts and keeping you connected with the world. This allows you to focus on your important agendas.

  • LinkedIN services
  • Facebook services
  • Twitter services
  • Optimize and manage profile
  • Expand clients network
  • Daily account monitoring  
  • Interaction with members  
  • Notify you with updates and relevant information
  • Keyword searches to expand account

8. Ghostwriting, proofreading, script design, rewriting etc.

IndianVA has experienced and seasoned writers who can help you with any kind ofbe it ghostwriting, proof reading or rewriting services. The writers work closely with you to understand your requirement. They understand your flow, your tone and your vision for any write up. Following that intricately, they develop content for you. IndianVA also offers to rewrite services for any type of document. The write up will have 100 % original content with no plagiarism.

Why should you choose IndianVA?

  • Trained and expert writers to work on your project
  • Writers strictly follow the guidelines provided by you
  • Unique, engaging and quality based content
  • 100% plagiarism free content which is also tested on copyscape
  • No grammatical or factual errors
  • SEO optimized content
  • Rich training and development content which is engaging and crisp. It even includes case studies, activities and exercises to maintain a good learning process.

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Great professional, working long hours all the days to reach relevant targets. Highly recommended

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I met IndianVA in October 2009 and worked with them on few tasks and IndianVA gave me the confidence to take out my team in Canada. I am still working with Bhavani and team on Dotnet nuke project since last 1 year


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