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Business organisations world over are increasing at a rapid speed as multiple people are trying their luck at entrepreneurship. This in turn is resulting in the development of new industries and services to support such organisations. A similar section is of virtual assistance, which is now considered to be the backbone of numerous companies regardless of their size.

In simple words, virtual assistance is a kind of service where an employee works from a remote location for a particular business. This gives the company a chance to hire employees from around the world without having to bother about all the documentation and legal procedures of having to move the individual to their own country.

This simplified method of employee hiring proves to be the biggest boon for businesses as it allows them to save a large chunk of money. This additional amount can be used for better purposes like growing ones business. Virtual assistants are considered to be independent contractors which is why a business is not responsible for paying any related taxes, insurances or benefits accept the basic service fee.

On the other hand as a virtual assistant works from their own home office a company does not need to worry about investing in infrastructure to support their business. In short, a client only pays for the productive work done by a VA and not anything else related to the individuals expenses.

Assigning work to a VA

In case you are new to the section of virtual assistance then you might want to know how a company can assign work to the individual contractor. One of the simplest ways to do so is through emails or social platforms like Skype. To be more organized one might even use project management systems like a Asana and Slack to communicate with their hired virtual assistants.

Even though the communication is online and not in person the entire process of working is still hundred percent professional. It is similar to getting work done through your in-house employees. Apart from the modes of communication mentioned above other things like conference or video calls are also a common mode of assigning work and projects to a virtual assistant.

How to pay a VA’s fee

Another question that might come to your mind while trying to understand about virtual assistance is how does the money transfer happens. No service is free of cost and same goes for a virtual assistants. However since it is an online service the mode of payments are also online which makes it extremely easy to use.

Some of the common ways by which you can pay an individual contractors fee is through online bank transfers or using virtual payment systems like Paypal and Pioneer. Apart from this some businesses even go through a third party so that the payment can be processed security while hiring a virtual assistant.

These third parties can include platforms like Upwork and Freelancer which use an escrow system to protect both client and the employee. However these platforms might charge a certain percentage of fee from both the parties for offering a dispute free payment system.