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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

IndianVA is a remote assistance service provider that caters to organisations from all over the world. We offer services in different requirement categories including but not limited to Content Creation, Web Development, Graphic Designing, Social Media Assistance, Search Engine Optimisation, Data Entry, Email Support, Mobile Apps Development, Ecommerce Assistance etc. We also take special pride in delivering 100% customisable and personalized assistance under both technical and non-technical portfolios.
IndianVA understands that each customer has unique and distinctive need which is why we believe in crafting specialised packages. All this is done to make sure that your time and finances are used in the best way possible. Since, the very beginning of our business in the industry IndianVA has made sure to act responsibly while dealing with clients personal information. Every detail that is shared with us by the customer is protected as per the law and our companies privacy procedures.
Even our employees follow an aggressive privacy standard in order to safeguard our clients information. In short this is our way of showing commitment and care towards each and every project that we receive. Below you will be able to find an elaborated version of our privacy policy. It will allow you to understand different aspects of client data collection and its uses that the company undertakes. We recommend that all our client, potential as well as current read the privacy policy carefully before the starting of a project.
The use of our services is considered to be a non-verbal consent towards the collection, usage and sharing of your personal information within the organization. Also to make it easy for our clients we incorporate new terms and conditions ever so often depending on the current business trends.


The IndianVA privacy policy is applicable to every person and organisation which intends to use the company’s services. You must take into consideration that the policy stands valid for IndianVA.com and all its future endeavours in terms of websites, mobile applications as well as social media platforms. Every communication channel like emails, chats, telephone conversations and social media posts are also covered under this policy. The policy is also applicable to onsite services and communications.

Data Controlling

IndianVA collect data from the individual client’s or organisation through a number of ways including emails, contact forms, skype conversations, telephonic conversations, and chat messages. Every client that get into a service contract with IndianVA is a self data controller. You can provide the organisation with as much information as you wish. However, these details are subjected to usage and sharing depending on the company’s updated privacy policy.

What Type of Information is Collected

Every client is required to create an account with IndianVA in order to utilise the services offered. This information typically includes the clients first name, last name, company name, job designation or title, country, website link, email addresses, phone and mobile numbers, area of zip code, credit card number, social security or identification card number. In case the client has been referred by someone else then we need there information as well. This might cover the refreencers
Apart from this we would also require your billing and payment information so to take up a project. Under this category your paypal account or credit card details might be required. Personal information in this case means only the details related to the project which would allow us to finish the job successfully. Anything other than that will not see collected ever. Things like your home address or traffic generated on to your website is something that we never collect.

Why Certain Personal Information is Collected

A business cannot function successfully without collecting basic personal information about the client. That is one of the reasons why details regarding your name, business address, and payment are often required. However the collection of such personal information is subjected to different situations. Here are the a few major ones:-

  • When you register or sign-up with IndianVA
  • Participate in a survey with the organization
  • Send us an e-mail or message
  • Hire us for a service
  • Submit an enquiry form

Also, we might collect these details from you during different stages of the project. Although, it will always be with your consent.

Methods of Information Collection

IndianVA takes special care as to not collect any information without the consent of the client. For this reason the websites also does not use any cookies which is generally used to collect browser information. Out of all the different types of communication methods we collect information only related to the project, the client, and the kind of service they are looking to hire. It also includes the general terms of services along with a consent to pass on your personal information to the virtual assistant you have hired.
Some of the main methods of collecting the information are online forms, chat messages, web enquiries, and emails. All of the information is generally stored on the server, the database of the website as well as our sales database. The information related to your payment is never stored on the website or any of its data bases. It is undertaken by a third party which might be related to your bank or fund transferring mediator and is solely responsible for its use.

Activity Information

In order to make your experience even more worthwhile we collect certain activity information related to you. This is usually done during the course of the project so that we understand your preferences and dislikes. This gives us an upper hand in curating and delivering an entirely personalized experience based on your activity information.
The most common example of activity information can be considered when you hire a personal assistant from IndianVA. If your personal assistant is spending most of the time booking travel plans and responding to your emails then they might collect related data in order to keep everything well organised and cracking the overall length of work.

Location Information

We offer the services to clients from all around the world which makes it important for us to collect location information as well. This may also be in the form of the client’s IP address. The reason why we collect this piece of information is so that we can allocate a suitable virtual assistant to you who can also work during your office hours.
We may also collect information about the client and their organisation through public platforms which includes different social media channels like LinkedIn and Facebook. This is done so that we can get real insights about your business and suggest the most suitable service according to your industry.

How we Utilize the Data

We use our clients personal information to understand them better so that we can specially customise a service for them and their business. Apart from this we also do it for a number of other reasons which are listed below in order to make you understand how we utilise your personal information.

  • Communication: Communication is the backbone of any business venture including providing virtual assistance service. After collecting your email address, telephone number and other modes of contact, we use them regularly to stay in touch with you. The assistant hired by you might also use the details to communicate about the project and its current milestones.
  • To Provide Services:There are certain services which requires using our clients personal information. A common example can be when you would hire a personal assistant to manage your monthly calendar and incoming calls. This would mean that the assistant needs to use your calendar access and even address book for finishing the project successfully.
  • Personalized Service:Our virtual assistants can also be used to get your personal work done and not just business projects. That is why they might need to use information that is otherwise not collected buy IndianVA. An example of this is when the client needs a travel booking or food ordering work done. In this case the virtual assistant may use the clients credit card information to finished the job.
  • Maintaining & Improving Existing Services:At IndianVA we strive to maintain and improve all our existing services regularly. For this reason we prefer using clients personal information for tracking the progress and quality of our services. The information which is generally used for this purpose can include your feedbacks, the disagreement issues and even an on call conversation regarding the scope of improvement.
  • Developing New Services: In our organisation we are always trying to create new services so that we can cover as many industries as possible. That is why we use a client’s personal information to see what kind of services are in demand and can be offered on our website. However this does not include intimate or personal information.
  • Direct Marketing:Marketing is a big channel for promoting our services. Sometimes clients also hire individuals from us who can help them with marketing their own product. This is when a client information might be used to make people aware about his offerings. We never share your information with other marketing companies and agencies.
  • Related Companies:A client’s personal information might be shared with a third party in case the affiliated program or application is being used for communication between the virtual assistant and the employer. For example if you get in touch with us through Skype, Facebook or even Outlook then your information might be stored on their database as well.
  • To Measure Performances: Measuring our own performance as an organisation is one of the vital things that we do in order to succeed. That is why we may track visitors on our website and their browsing history while they are on the site itself. However you can still go through the entire IndianVA website without having to identify yourself or any information about your business. Apart from this we may also track information like which service catches your attention the most and the duration for which you were browsing the website.
    We usually depend on Google Analytics to calculate the kind of traffic that our website generate and how it can be made better. The information received about the client from such sources is utilised to improve and maintain the website design. It is also utilised to create traffic and statistical reports related to the usage of IndianVA. We also use feedback forms for the same purpose.
  • Service Providers: We do have tie ups with certain companies who provide us with support and their services. This usually includes fraud detection, payment, business audit, etc. For this reason we might share your information with the relevant service providers. Although we do not share personal information under any circumstances.

Information Disclosure

To make the entire process of hiring virtual assistants even more secure we implement rigid security measures. We make sure to only share your personal information with assistants who either work on our behalf or with us. However all of them are still required to sign a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement so that they are aware about the correct code of conduct that we follow in our organisation.
They will only have access to information which is at most necessary in order to perform the task given. Also they are restricted from using the same information for any other purpose. IndianVA under any circumstances does not trade, sell, rent or permit others to use a client’s personal information. The sharing of identifiable information is only undertaken in case there is a legal or business justification.
IndianVA also works with freelancers and third party service providers who are reputable in their field. In case a clients service has been outsourced to such an individual or business then they will also follow the same confidentiality policy which is created and effective under IndianVA. The entire data disclosure policy has been created in order to secure customers personal information from going into the wrong hands.

Legal Disclosures

IndianVA also has a legal team which looks after the security aspect of the entire transaction between us and the client. Our organisation might share your personal information with the legal team in case we feel there is a possible fraud and violation towards the agreed service contract. The information will be used by the team to investigate the case and come to a conclusion. The legal disclosure process is not an attempt to harm any of our client or website visitors. Below are some of the legal reasons for which your information might be shared with others.

  • In case the requirement is legal or regulatory
  • To enforce the service terms of IndianVA
  • In order to protect our rights and property
  • To ensure safety of our employees, freelancers and others
  • To provide assistance to government agencies
  • To defend ourselves in legal battles
  • To investigate potential fraud
  • To take action against suspects and actual fraud

Information Retention

We retain our clients data for minimum of 5 years from the time they start using our service. This is done in order to comply with the legal aspect of the business as well as to provide you with quality service. The information retained by us might include all the data gathered by publicly accessible platforms, online website forms, feedbacks and the details that you provide us. The retention period is the same even if the client uses our services for a smaller period.

A Clients Rights

Client safety and satisfaction is one of the most important things to our organisation which is why we allow you to modify or delete personal information. You can do this by sending us a request through the various contact channels.

Data Accuracy

We try to the fullest to maintain an accuracy level of all the personal information that you provide us. In case of any discrepancies that you find you can get in touch with us and request an update or fix.

Restriction on Usage

A client can always ask us not to use their personal information in case it is in accurate or we do not have a legal right. You can even restrict us from using certain parts of your data if not full.

Data Erasure

In case a client decides not to use our service in the future they can simply ask us to erase all of their personal information. However their feedback and project details will still be maintained with us for a certain period.

Information Security

In order to give our clients a safe experience IndianVA follows information security procedures. This allows us to prevent people from unauthorised access to personal as well as confidential information. For making sure that others are not able to access, disclose, alter and distort your personal information we do the following things.

  • While dealing with personal information we make sure that it is done legally so that anyone who is not authorised to access the data does not get a hold of it. Apart from this we also protect your data again accident sharing, loss and damage.
  • Our systems are monitored regularly in order to catch any security breaches.
  • Every time we update our technology we run a series of tests to make sure that the safeguard system works impeccably and is not compromised whatsoever.
  • Whenever we are transferring data within the company we use encryption to protect the same.
  • To add a layer of safety and preventing unauthorised access we review the data collection, processing, and storage methods.
  • The access to your personal information is only given to employees, freelancers and management who require it to complete the task successfully. Everyone who is able to access this information needs to follow the non-disclosure agreement obligations. In case they are not able to follow the rules then they might be terminated or suspended.

Clients Consent

While filling online forms on our website we prompt question to take your consent for utilising the information provided. We use personal information only for legitimate purposes related to the business. As the company is based in india all the information provided is only saved on our personal server and is not transferred outside the country.

Legitimate Processing

The way we collect and process a client’s personal information is based on the law within the country. It has three main aspects which are consent, contract, and legitimate interests. For certain type of data we require your consent to process them further which we will notify you in advance. On the other hand, the contract information is something which needs to be processed at any cost in order to provide the service which does not require a consent notification. At any point during the service period you can accept and decline the consent request as per your preference. We follow the norms of legitimate interest for certain type of data and if you have any objection you can send us an email through our contact channel.

Closing the Account

For clients who do not want to use our services in the near future we provide an option so that they can close their account with us. This can be done by settling all the due payments and sending us an email with the transaction details and requesting the closure of account. After doing so we will make all your personal information invisible within 72 hours. However certain part of your information will still be retained by us in order to comply with the legal norms of the country. Also the terms of non-disclosure agreement will still stand valid for everyone in the company so that your information cannot be compromised at any cost.

Cross-Border Information Transfers

The foundation of our business is in India which is why all the data that you send over is protected by the law of our country. This might not be as air-tight as the laws of a client’s country. For this reason we follow a certain code of conduct so that client can trust us.

Policy Changes

IndianVA has all the rights to change the privacy policy and its procedures without any prior notice. Updates will be made on this page regularly in order to make a clients experience as safe and secure as possible. To keep yourself in sync with our terms and conditions we suggest that you go through this page regularly and make yourself familiar with the company’s current policy. In case you have questions or objections against any of the changes made by us then you can get in touch with us to know more about the same.

Contacting IndianVA.com

We always welcome comments and feedback from all our potential or current clients. If you have questions, complaints, or suggestions about our privacy policy then you can contact us at +919849469672. We will try to address the issue immediately and provide you with a solution. We appreciate your time and patience that it took to read all the policies and conditions.

Thank you from team IndianVA.

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