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LinkedIn Really Worked for Me!!


LinkedIn used to be a simple platform having minimal features in 2009 when I have started using the site. But ever since, it has developed all required elements to get connected to like-minded professionals and facilitate business transactions. As the time passed, LinkedIn added many more features like: –

  • Groups
  • Jobs
  • Company Pages
  • Advertisements
  • Articles and Blogs

Earlier on I tried deleting the inbox messages, but LinkedIn didn’t have the facility. They later introduced an option called “Delete Conversation” to facilitate this essential requirement. The improvements to the interface have been well planned. It has helped LinkedIn gain more and more subscribers over the years.

How I met customers through LinkedIn

I had no idea how LinkedIn worked in 2009 and wanted to explore the best possible way to get some business. I wrote an introduction about our company http://www.IndianVA.com and sent it to around 40 LinkedIn connections in a single week. I received a positive response from one client who was located in Canada. Till date, he is my biggest client, and we still work together.

During the initial phase, I realized why I was not getting much response. It was because I made the mistake of sending lengthy emails to potential clients. No one these days has the time to read such long mails, and they usually go straight to the trash. So, I decided to rewrite the outgoing emails and began sending them to potential leads.  This time it really worked, and I got way more responses than earlier.  Out of them, three clients have still been associated with IndianVA ever since. We do thousands of dollars’ worth of projects yearly with these accounts.

Sharing the content is something which is well appreciated by LinkedIn. Groups are an excellent platform to share your content, thoughts, and knowledge. Posting any content in groups should not be targeted towards sales.  Instead, it should focus on educating the group members. They should feel your content is compelling and exciting. Writing informative content has given me immense joy as well as a learning experience. It allows you to message anyone in the group without having to be connected.

In case you wish to know more about how LinkedIn can help grow your network and business. Then I suggest you get in touch with me through http://www.IndianVA.com

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