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Importance of social media for business

social media importance

Social media marketing is undoubtedly an awesome aspect of modern business that every entity in business must get into. Earlier it was considered ‘nice’ to have a social media presence but in today’s scenario, when the world is a global village, it is a ‘must’ to have social media presence.

A decade or so back marketers mainly relied on stereotypical ways of advertising which included newspaper, television, radio and billboards. The customers are more informed today as they are educated and are computer savvy as well. Chances are quite ripe that customers know a great deal about any product or service much before marketers launch an advertising drive.

Rather than beating around the bush, it makes sense to provide the readers with a few statistical figures. According to a report, marketers who invest 6 or more hours/week on social media marketing by engaging in sharing contents, get 52% more leads than those who do not.

Also, businesses who use twitter marketing doubles the amount of leads per month on an average in comparison to those who do not. According to a report published in 2013, 95 percent of Facebook users access their account daily. 60 percent of Twitter user logs in daily and 30 percent of Linkedin users access their account daily. That means marketers can easily use Facebook marketing and Twitter marketing platforms to promote their brands. These figures underline the importance of social media marketing for business. For any business, social media marketing helps in giving an exposure into the marketer’s business lines.

A marketer needs to raise awareness about the product or brand among its potential customers. Through blogging and through other contents, the marketer then gives a reason to prospects to come back to his/her website. Prospects read the blog and also get engaged in the discussion that follows a blog. This way the prospects feel attached to a particular brand. And with some more marketing techniques, prospects who are now leads become new customers. Companies also engage in getting customer’s feedback on its products and services. After reading customers’ reviews, other prospects also get a chance to decide on any product. This way companies establish best practices regarding product quality in social media.

Social media marketing also provides an important tool to marketers to monitor their success. On Facebook and YouTube, viewers can click on ‘like button’. Marketers can also monitor number of views to particular campaign. These tools help a marketer to keep abreast with customers’ preferences. Apart from this, it is often reported that consumers appreciate a real-time relationship with the marketers which was not possible earlier.

They love to engage in interesting content conversation, no matter how trivial that conversation might be. With this note, a conclusion can be drawn that irrespective of the size of your business, your customer base will appreciate and enjoy the relationship that are made on social media and cost almost nothing but might end up paying great dividends.

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