Hourly assistant

Hourly packages are our best selling packages and many of our clients turned hourly assistants into full time assistants over the course of time. The hourly package allows you to buy minimum of 10 hours package. Once the 10 hours package is consumed, you can buy another 10 hours package or 20 hours package. 20 hours package is our most sold package in hourly packages. When an hourly package is purchased, it can be used in one month duration from the date of purchase.

When you have a task that is estimated to take 10 hours, this would be the best package as no hour will be wasted and every hour is accounted and you will have full control and transparency on the hours used by your virtual assistant.

Please buy your hourly packages in our Pricing & Plans page, we accept PayPal.

What kind of assistants available for part time ?

  1. Data entry operator
  2. Personal assistant
  3. Content writer
  4. Web designer
  5. Graphic designer
  6. SEO assistant
  7. Admin assistant
  8. Social media assistant
  9. PHP developer
  10. WordPress developer
  11. .net developer
  12. Live support assistant
  13. VA to take care your e-commerce site

If you have a different skill set requirement , kindly write to us , we will respond max in 4 hours.

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