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Hourly Assistant

Hourly Assistant

Hourly retainer package is most suitable for individuals or companies who need assistance for few hours on a specific job like internet research, data entry, web designing or any other administrative jobs.  IndianVA offers hourly packages in 10 hours pack, 20 hours pack and 40 hours pack, depending on the requirement. You can easily choose any package and IndianVA assigned assistants will work for you for those number of hours.

Hourly packages give you the flexibility to use the hours over a period of time, usually 10-20 days depending on the package purchased.  Some of our clients use the package at a time and some use the package few hours each every day.

Please find below skillset is available in hourly retainer package:

  1. Data entry operator
  2. Personal assistant
  3. Content writer
  4. Web designer
  5. Graphic designer
  6. SEO Assistant
  7. Admin Assistant
  8. Social media assistant
  9. PHP Developer
  10. WordPress developer
  11. .net developer
  12. Live support assistant
  13. VA to take care your e-commerce site

If you have a different requirement, other than the listed, kindly write to us we promise to respond in less than 4 hours.

Highly recommend

Great professional, working long hours all the days to reach relevant targets. Highly recommended

client testimonials

Only the best

I met IndianVA in October 2009 and worked with them on few tasks and IndianVA gave me the confidence to take out my team in Canada. I am still working with Bhavani and team on Dotnet nuke project since last 1 year


Amazing team

I enjoy working with IndianVA, thanks to the team