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According to surveys 75% of websites today use PHP. Even, WordPress, the most robust blogging platform runs on PHP as well. Popular social media platforms like Facebook, Photobucket, and Yahoo also use PHP. That speaks volume about the popularity of this language. It is the most popular server-side scripting language which is powering almost 70-80 percent of the websites today. It is a well renowned and a highly respected web programming and scripting language. Its ease of use makes it so popular among the varied scripting languages. Well, PHP in short is used to add functionality to the website that HTML alone can’t achieve.

Our PHP Developers team

  • Senior Developers with 15 years of experience
  • Juniorwith 2.5 years of experience
  • Can work on most of the open source platforms
  • Experts in WordPress development
  • Developers available on hourly, monthly, part time or full time basis
  • Our clients and the projects talk about the latest technologies used by our team

Advantages of PHP over other scripting languages

  • PHP is compatible with most of the servers (IIS, Apache, etc.)
  • Developer has the freedom of choosing an operating system and a web server
  • PHP provides an independent platform (Linux, Windows, etc.)
  • PHP is FREE to download and use
  • PHP is easy to learn

Uses of PHP as scripting language

  • E-commerce– From small businesses to big enterprises, companies can add streams of revenue by integrating e-commerce solutions or by building them from scratch.
  • Online applications– Online applications like PayPal and shopping cart can be implemented by PHP framework.
  • Project management tools– Project management tools include file sharing, collaborative to-do lists, security, time tracking etc. These tools are used for business purposes and are expensive to buy. But can be created easily with PHP. It even keeps a track of your project and the client can also give a timely feedback.
  • Online community– Those who have an online presence of their business also need an online community. It helps the customers to present their views, get answers for product related queries and also for technical issues. You can build your PHP driven online community that can be implemented into your website.
  • Mailing lists– PHP mailing lists are a good way of keeping your clients informed about the products, services, holidays and other important information. The information can be put in the automated newsletter which can be further installed into your website.

Why to hire PHP developers from IndianVA?

Hiring a goodensures that the website developed scales high with the features of functionality and robustness while low in maintenance. That is why we recommend our expert PHP programmers and developers for your website application requirements. We have many professional PHP developers who have vast industry experience and expertise in designing web application development.

Our PHP programmers/developers are working on monthly contract basis for clients in USA, UK, Ireland, Australia, Netherlands, Denmark & Norway. Hire Indian PHP developers from us who work dedicatedly towards optimizing your business by providing result oriented solutions. Our PHP developers provide comprehensive solutions in a range of services including:-

  • Customized PHP development
  • Customized PHP programming
  • PHP application development
  • PHP web developer • PHP e-commerce development
  • Portal development solutions
  • Web applications based on PHP
  • PHP application maintenance and testing

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I met IndianVA in October 2009 and worked with them on few tasks and IndianVA gave me the confidence to take out my team in Canada. I am still working with Bhavani and team on Dotnet nuke project since last 1 year


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I enjoy working with IndianVA, thanks to the team