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.NET in simple terms is a programming framework that developers use to create applications. The .NET framework supports a number of recent web applications and services. .NET is created by Microsoft and it runs mainly on Windows. Today, nearly 20 to 30 percent of the websites are programmed and supported by .NET. The framework has a bunch of codes and the developer has to just import them in order to create applications without writing each code individually. It is the ease of the framework that makes it popular among the developers. It also has a very powerful and cohesive set of tools for the development of both web applications and Windows. It simplifies and adds much-needed flexibility to complex applications.

Features of .NET

  • .NET is comparatively easy to use and learn
  • .NET is a boon for the websites which frequently update their content
  • .NET is useful for those websites whose content is updated automatically
  • Building a site gets faster
  • Codes are pre-written and pre-tested so that no errors occur

Advantages of .NET 

  • It significantly reduces the amount of code required to build large applications.
  • It provides built-in authentication and per-application configuration, so developed is safe and secure.
  • The framework has a rich toolbox. Features like drag-and-drop server control, editing, and automatic deployment comes handy.
  • Since the source code and HTML are together, ASP.NET pages are easy to write and maintain.
  • .NET applications execute commands faster.
  • ASP.NET provides for caching frequently requested web pages on the server.
  • It localizes content for specific languages and also detects browser capabilities. So, the software can be developed in any language.
  • .NET is portable in comparison to other technologies
  • ASP.NET supports multiple computer languages like c++,C# , vb.net,etc.
  • Debugging in.NET is effortless, so errors can be fixed instantly.

Services offered by IndianVA under this section:

  • custom software development
  • custom web applications
  • custom .Net application development
  • product catalog
  • e-commerce shopping cart websites
  • custom CMS development
  • Database management
  • Silverlight application
  • Sharepoint
  • Dotnetnuke

IndianVA .NET expertise

IndianVA with its strong .NET team offers you unparalleled technical expertise and resource quality. The team of developers are adorned with strong, professional and hands on expertise on ASP.Net, Net Framework 2.0, 3.5, C#, sharepoint.NET framework, VB.NET, SQL Server, MS Access, JavaScript and XML/XSL/XSLT services.

Our developers possess strong expertise of migrating your existing web based as well as desktop application to.NET. Also of converting your existing JAVA applications to the ASP.NET platform. You can hire an ASP.Net developer or a team of developers as per your project requirements. You can hire professional.Net programmers on a monthly or hourly basis as well.

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I met IndianVA in October 2009 and worked with them on few tasks and IndianVA gave me the confidence to take out my team in Canada. I am still working with Bhavani and team on Dotnet nuke project since last 1 year


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I enjoy working with IndianVA, thanks to the team