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A graphic design is all about visual communication. It is a creative process that combines both art and technology to communicate ideas. Graphic designers use varied skills to create and merge words, images, and symbols to visually represent messages. The work of a graphic designer involves both the process of designing and the final outcome which is produced.

Graphic designing uses the visual medium like a poster or logo to communicate the thought. Works of a graphic designer includes logos and branding, print advertisements, posters, billboards, website graphics publications like magazines, newspapers, and books. It even includes product packaging to communicate to the target audience.

Graphic designs can be of the following types:

  • Type based design: Type-based designs refer to the vivid use of words in different ways artistically. Graphic designers develop type based designs for clients depending on their requirements.
  • Image-based design: Graphic designer uses images to convey the idea to the client. Images are very powerful and compelling tools of communication. Images not only convey the information but also convey the mood and emotion. The images create a long lasting impression and customers react to them instinctively.
  • Type and image: sometimes graphic designers combine typography and image to communicate the client’s message to the customers.
  • Symbols and logos: Symbols are an abstract representation of a message. Logos communicate the brand identity of a particular company. A graphic designer must understand the business of the client in order to represent them pictorially.

Today, as the customers are bombarded with images from numerous companies, it is very important that your website stands out from the rest. Your brand needs to be eye-catching, engaging, and innovative above all. A good graphic designer’s job is to transform your idea into an image or banner to communicate the vision with the web. So that it is easy for you to establish your presence on the internet.

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