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The term web design is used to explain the design process associated with front end of the website which also includes writing markup. A web designer plays a pivotal role in the production and maintenance of websites. A web designer plans and creates codes for web pages, using both technical and non-technical skills. Their aim is to design websites that fit the customer’s requirements. A number of skills and disciplines are required by a web designer.

A web designer works in various areas of design like graphic design, interface design, proprietary software and standardized code. Many times, the work of web designer also encompasses user experience and search engine optimization. Overall, it can be written that a web designer is involved in the graphical and technical aspects of a page. They produce both the look of the website and also its functionality.

Activities for which clients hire a web designer are as follows:

  • Web design services: IndianVA helps you build a beautiful, creative and innovative web design. With millions of websites on the internet, it is a prerequisite that your product stands out from the competition. This can come with design expertise that ensures that customers or clients stay on your site long enough to know your business.
  • Logo design services: Your logo speaks for your business which is why it is ought to be unique. The color combination and font style need to create a lasting impression on the client. For achieving this, hire web designers from IndianVA who are seasoned to design unique logos for your business.

The skills that a good web designer should have:

  • Writing and editorial skills: A good web designer should know the art of effective communication and the ability to use words correctly. A web designer is required to effortlessly and effectively communicate brand value. One look of the web page should give a customer substantial idea of the business of the owner. Knowledge of SEO is also required in order to communicate the idea
  • Graphic design theory: The designer should have an eye for proportion, balance, spacing, color contrast, typography, 3D effects and custom imagery.
  • Holistic approach: A good graphic designer should look at any problem holistically. He/she should quickly access the need of a website, its business, competitors and the customers as well. Keeping these in mind, a web designer needs to build a website which addresses each of the issues mentioned in the best possible manner.
  • Self-learning: Web designing offers multiple rich and diverse domains to work. Technology and techniques in this field keep on getting revamped fast. So, it is a prerequisite that a web designer keeps himself abreast with the latest development.

IndianVA web designers have more than 10 years of experience in web designing. They are abreast with the latest developments in the field of designing. IndianVA provides web designers for full time or part time on the monthly fixed pay basis and also on task to task basis.

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