Hire Data Entry Operator

data entry operatorsDo you have a requirement for data entry to be done part of your job and you don't have time to work on data entry job or may be you are not interested since you wanted to spend your time in your core job? Hire a data entry operator to work with on all your data entry jobs. Hiring a data entry operator from IndianVA is easy and most economical as our charges are comparatively very less and at the high-quality output.
You can choose an assistant :
  • Full Time Assistant - works 8 hours/day ,  5 days/week.
  • Part Time Assistnat - works 4 hours.day, 5 days/week.
  • Hourly Assistant - Choose 10 hours or 20 hours package.
your assistant will be available in Skype/email during the work hours and with a very minimal guidance, they should be able to kick start the job and reports you ever day on the tasks completed and time spent.
Please send your requirement, we promise to respond in less than 4 hours.
Why IndianVA?
  • Skilled and Friendly Team
  • Proficient with latest tools and technologies
  • Our assistants work from our office
  • No extra costs
  • 15 years of experience in data entry
  • Available 24x7