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Digital Marketing Psychology

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We have been studying psychology for several years. People have done research on human mind and applied many techniques to understand how the human mind works. But there is no limit when it comes to exploring the unknown mind and psychology. Over the years we have seen, that there are various new methods and techniques been found for exploring human psychology. This is done by non-other than internet marketers or as we call them Digital Marketing Gurus.
How do you communicate your thoughts?
The way one interprets their thoughts or feelings in to words is very important while understanding their psychology. We all talk to ourselves first and then after processing the sentence in our head we communicate it to others. This formation of sentence or chosen word is known as a “Keyword” in the marketing world. Keyword is also referred to as a “Mantra” behind every successful marketing campaign. The process of guessing your thoughts, converting them into words and creating charts of permutations is something that finally makes a keyword. These keywords are divided into three main categories which are Primary, Secondary and Long Tail keywords.
How do you think?
Understanding how one thinks is actually very difficult. But when it comes to digital marketing that is not so tough after all. Once you visit a website or a blog, your behaviour can be read by a digital marketer. It allows them to understand how you think or what you like. For example, why are you spending more time on a particular website! How much time do you spend on that website! What is the content of the website! These are a few questions that a marketer is able to answer by following your search. It will not only give them an idea of how you think, but also about your interests and passion.
We believe that it is not so easy to understand the above physiology especially for a lay person. Fortunately in the digital world no one can know if you have the correct knowledge of the business as you can change your face or website instantly. Rather you may also put up multiple faces to persuade the customers. Having many faces or websites is a huge advantage as people have different tastes and can relate to you better.

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