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Email Support Assistant

Hire Email Support Assistant

We all know how important it is to respond to an email especially when it is from client or customer. Email is one of the best means of communication as it helps building relationship with customers. Many start-ups or small companies don’t get sufficient time and resources to answer all the emails.

To overcome this problem of delay in communication with the customers. The best option is to choose an assistant to read and respond to all your emails in time. Our virtual assistants help free up your time so that you can invest it in optimizing the productivity of your business.

How is it going to work as my line of business is different?

  • Spend a couple of days in training the hired VA about all the products/services you are offering
  • Provide FAQ’s of common questions and answers
  • Provide our VA a couple of different email responses you have handled earlier
  • Educate the VA on who is responsible for what in your team, to escalate the issues immediately

IndianVA assures to provide you a qualitywho:-

  • Has very good written English skill
  • Can work independently
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Quickly understands the line/nature of business
  • Will help not just responding to the emails, but also establishing a relationship with the customers.
  • Can provide daily/ weekly reports.
  • Has sound organizational, administrative and interpersonal skills.
  • Meets deadlines and has time management skills
  • Enjoys multi-tasking

Hire an assistant to work on:-

  • Customer Support
  • Technical Support
  • E-commerce Support
  • Sales Support
  • Accounting Support
  • Personal and Executive Assistance
  • Admin tasks

For more information about hiring an email support assistant you can get in touch with us on +919849469672

Highly recommend

Great professional, working long hours all the days to reach relevant targets. Highly recommended

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Only the best

I met IndianVA in October 2009 and worked with them on few tasks and IndianVA gave me the confidence to take out my team in Canada. I am still working with Bhavani and team on Dotnet nuke project since last 1 year


Amazing team

I enjoy working with IndianVA, thanks to the team